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David Wood Empower Network

Interested in David Wood’s and David Sharpe’s Empower Network? I was first introduced to both of them as I first began on my journey into Internet Marketing. I’ve purchased courses and have taken trainings from both of them, and I have learned a lot. So, of course I automatically thought that I should see what was available in David Wood’s Empower Network.

What David Sharpe and his partner, David Wood are up to is creating a platform to assist marketers involved with marketing any business opportunity online using core fundamentals like blogging to generate commissions from sales of products and services.

Just Google the name: David Wood. Or better yet go on Facebook and visit some MLM, Multi level Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Success or Money Making pages, groups or events and I’m sure that you will see the name David Woods pop up again and again. Here’s a guy who was homeless and living in his van at one time and is now considered an Internet marketing god!

I found it very interesting during their pre-launch, and continues to be primarily positioned as a “100% Commission” program without telling the details of the product or system behind it. I must admit, I was intrigued by the Empower Network pre-launch buzz. I didn’t want to miss out on ‘the thing that I didn’t know what it was’. But I was also very eager to get a full understanding before committing.

But I found some very big errors and flaws within it!

1.) Its very very vague. When you get into this program theres not much going on as far as “WHAT TO DO”. So you get in and watch the first video which tells you to watch the next video and it continues for the next hour or so.

2.) You have to set up your own merchant account, now this isn’t the problem this is a good thing. Doing this is how you get 100% commissions deposisted directly into your bank account! But the bad thing is anyone who has never set up any thing like a merchant account will be almost lost in completing the applications process. Answering question that some who haven’t been in business long wouldn’t know the answers too

3.) The viral blogging system is not so viral; within the empower network they tell you “BLOG DAILY” which is great its fine to ‘Blog daily’ but it doesn’t really get results with out driving traffic to your own blog. Yes your content could be shared but is very rare because if your not using the system itself to give content and just to sell then you will not see results from your blogging efforts.

So how can you fix this?
Well its easy, the empower network is a great opportunity to earn money if you know what your doing, if your looking into it you must know ALL the Good and ALL the bad of actually being within it so you can start seeing decent results as well and get into profit as fast as possible!

Look for a great team to join that can help you get to where you need or would like to be that can teach you how to generate leads on a daily basis an bring those people in at the highest level possible for maximum commissions for you.

If you are looking for more information on the empower network check out this behind closed door call about everything can prevent you from making money within the empower network.
David Wood’s Empower Network check out the top secret call at

Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint (bonuses)

Mark Hoverson has just announced his new product! 8-)  As you may know I’m a HUGE fan of his teaching style! I learned from him back in the MLM Launch formula and it was just completely awesome the way he gets the message through.

This course is going to teach you all about how to create an info product that is truly irresistible to your customers, making them just beg to have your stuff!

Mark Hoverson is an expert closer during seminars, webinars, and even teleseminars and he’s going to show you his exact methods to closing 30% of the room into a $5k program!

Now not only that he’s also going to show you his various methods of making your information product better, and how you can truly make it more irresistible and even charge more money!

So What I want to do for you today is actually give you a complete overview and my own awesome bonuses just for picking up this new course…

Now not this course doesn’t announce till July 5th so i’m giving you a heads up ( I’m sure you’d do the same thing for me)

Check Out My Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonuses Here

Talk Soon
Jeremy Watson
P.S. I also did a killer 3 Part video Series that reveals to you the step by step framework for creating killer info products That Sale… This is a free bonus that I”m giving you and all you have to do is click this link  Here <

How to Make 100% Commission Without Selling Your Own Stuff

This video is really cool and I was really excited to make this lesson… Mostly everyone has heard of selling an upfront product to generate more leads for your business right?

Well This video shows you how you don’t even have to make your own product but get to keep 100% of the leads and 100% commissions!

Watch Below
Watch Below

Magnetic Sponsoring

Ever Since The Beginning Of Network Marketing, The Big Timers Use Simple Systems To Leverage Their Time and Automated The Sponsoring Process

“The secret I reveal below has changed the way I build my business forever and it will be for you as well” Read the rest of this entry »

MLM Help- A Realistic Vision

This new video lesson can help you see a realistic vision within your original goal. From What I’ve noticed people are scared to change their life in such a dramatic way it keeps them from breaking through and taking action.

So Watch this short clip to see how you can see a Realistic goal within your business and Start Being Motivated to get the most out of your business Watch It Here

Podcast: Jan2011-How To Create A Jaw Dropping Offer

The first ever audio podcast from Network Marketing Tricks.

In This Podcast you’ll Learn:

  • How to create a Jaw Dropping offer
  • How to generate more leads using a 3 step system.
  • Where to Go to Claim Your Free Lead Generation System.

Jan2011-Create A Jaw Dropping Offer(right click to save as)

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The Answer To The Network Marketing Equation

This Video Lesson reveals network marketing in its simplest form!

Just Watch below to see what I mean.

Now just think how much this can really help you out in your business. Understanding everything from the simplest form then adding in variables.

Leave me a comment and share this with your downline and friends.

To your success

Jeremy Watson

P.S. Do you want me to do a traffic lesson or an offer lesson next?

How To Start Seeing Success In Under A Week

Well My friend today is the day, your day! Finding that secret to success you’ve been searching for forever. If you are like me you’ve poked around in the internet trying to build a business for quite some time. Sometimes seeing a little success sometimes not.

When you don’t see the success that you were looking for you get discouraged and are willingly to try again. That’s where you fail. Now this post is not about “NOT QUITING” its more about taking action and not worrying about losing or winning, just do it to do it and see what happens.

So let me tell you a story, a very recent story that has taken me on an adventure over the past week that really WOKE ME back up and realize what it really takes to see what you really want.

Little over 2 weeks ago a certain program was announced to reopen to the public by a very famous man in the network marketing industry. He was opening up this program and allowing affiliates to sell his memberships for a commission. Now within that 2 week period something clicked in my mind telling me that I wanted to participate.

Spontaneously as I could I wrote down everything I could from what I’ve learned over the past 4 years of training to see how I could really make some money by giving people the opportunity to learn fantastic information about how to generate wealth of their own.

After about an hour or so of writing out a very sloppy business plan, I knew what I had to do! Now with that in mind I started going at it! I jumped on exactly what I had written down on that sheet of paper.

I knew I couldn’t do everything that I wanted in the short period that I had, so I asked a good friend of mine if he’d like to help me for 50% of the commissions I make. It took some convincing but he was like “HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS”.

From that point forward for literally a week we busted our ass every second of the day that we could. Which is known as taking MASSIVE ACTION. Now over that week we did not see hardly any results any at all. But that didn’t stop us.

We Kept going at it, every second of the day that we could, Me personally only sleeping 3-4 hours a day and hoping right back on the computer to go to work.

The week of the launch we were still promoting and promoting busting our ass. Still with no sales, we got discouraged and slowly stopped working as much. Note that we never stopped we just weren’t doing as much.

Well the last day of the launch everything paid off. Looking into the back office we seen that we made sales! With residual income! Now if we would had stopped working our asses off mid week I guarantee you we wouldn’t had made it to the top of GOOGLE, and the Yahoo, And bing, and our website that we put up wouldn’t had been viewed over 1,500 in one week. Now I know thats not a lot of visitors for a site but for a site that I sat down and literally made in one night its pretty good.

So what you need to do is follow a simple action plan that I’ve come up with for everyone that wants to see success in a week or so in your business.

Step 1: Write out exactly what you want and how you plan to get there.

Step 2: Start with both feet running as hard as you can. For example: If you plan on doing free marketing like articles, video, and press releases do them in the masses! I literally wrote 40 articles in one week and posted them on 15 article directories myself by hand! Getting the MOST Content out their as possible.

Step 3: Promote Promote Promote- Your business building blocks are made up of how much you promote your business. Every waking second for the next week you should be doing something to promote what you have to offer by placing marketing content out there.

Step 4: Stick with it. DO NOT STOP! Become famous if you have to because your face is EVERYWHERE on the net promoting your business that you have.

Step 5: Check your results- A week later after promoting and following your business plan, if you do not see results stick with it. 2 weeks of non-stop work is more than almost anyone who’s in this industry is doing. Once you see results you’ll stick with how hard you are working, guaranteed!

Thats it. Massive Massive action. Thats all it takes to really see results So plan on starting this today! Write out your plan and take action upon it, then come back here and let me know your results.

To Your Success

P.S. This worked for me, It proved to myself that I can do anything that I want just by taking serious action for just a week! What do you think does it work for you?

My Elevation Group Bonuses!

Below is a Short video I made going over the elevation group bonuses I’m giving away! If You have not heard about the elevation group or do not know what it is please Visit This Site here.

elevation group bonus

To get full details and how you can claim our elevation group bonuses <—– click here

10 Core Essentials To Kill it On Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is the place to be to connect with other network marketers, entrepreneurs and people who have the same interest as you. But how do you go about using facebook to effectively market what ever you want with out your connections and friends thinking you are spamming them with opportunity after opportunity?

Well today I am going to share 10 killer Essentials to absolutly kill it on facebook to generate leads, make sales and make future JV partnerships.

1.) Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORK not a Advertising Market. People become your friends to connect not to recieve ads from you on a regular basis. When Adding friends actually conversate with them through personal messages and/or wall post. This builds rapport which is the core essience in getting someone to listen to what you have to say or really care about you.

2.) Answer Every question with a question- If someone ask you a question on your wall, answer it and ask one right back. Having full conversations with others right on your wall shows people that are not your friend that you are a real human and not a spam posting robot! This will actually invite others to add you as a friend instead of you being the one adding everyone.

3.) Occasionally Chat with others in the chat box that they have. Have a real live one on one conversation builds the connections even more than wall post, even though others can not see the chat, the person you are talking to knows you care.

4.) Add 20-25 friends a day in your target market- You can find others that have similar interest by browsing fan pages that are in your market. You always want your network to be growing which allows other on the side bar to see that their friends might have you as a friend which builds social trust. This introduces you to them through a 3rd person which makes it more comfortable to connect with them because you both have similar friends. When adding friends ALWAYS Send a personal message! This opens the door for conversation right from the start!

5.) Post Like Minded Videos and Articles on your wall- Whether it is a success video, tips and tricks or any type of content post it on your wall and write a short description about what you really thought about it and why you are posting it to share. This will get people use to actually clicking on the stuff you post on your wall. Getting people to almost always click on the stuff you post is very powerful when you actually do want to post something on your wall thats a promotion of some sort.

6.) Calling and Connecting With Your Friends Is A Extremely Powerful method of connecting one on one with someone. You can find your friends phone numbers by going ACCOUNT->Edit Friends->PhoneBook. Call and connect to not call and promote to someone on your first call!

7.) Having a Picture of Your Face on your profile is very key to actually gettign people to add you or accept you as friends. I rarely add anyone who doesn’t have of themselves as their profile picture.

8.) When you do decide to promote something, send them to a informative page not directly to a sales letter. This builds a social connection (yet again) and then have them click on the link. Have a short description about the product, or page or what ever you are promoting at the time you want to always stay informative.

9.) Building a Fan Page- Then Suggesting your friends to like it! Building a fan page is very powerful because your fans can suggest your page to your friends and if you have a good connection with your fans 90% of them will actually suggest ALL of their friends to ‘Like’ your page. Then that is a whole new wall you can do promotions on!

10.) Groups- Building a Group with your name on it is very powerful for the simple fact that you can Add all of your friends to it with out them even knowing it! Now that sounds sneaky but most of them do not mind. The best thing about building a HUGE group is because you can message ALL the members at one time. Its just like building a whole new email List to market to. Now you don’t want to market and send promotions to them that often but updating them with new articles and such can be very powerful just for the sheer “THANK YOU” value!

As You can see facebook is more about connecting than spamming ads on your wall and others walls and in personal messages. You do not want to do that! People will remove you and or Report you for spamming. Connect and build friendships and the money and leads will come when you do a promotion!

Hope this really helps a lot


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